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Introducing Elite Pet-Havens, custom designed state-of-the-art health and luxury havens for your cherished pet. We provide a unique private environment in your home or apartment designed to enhance the life experience of the urban pet, and pet owner.

High-tech integrated design of the components together with an infrastructure of leading experts’ enables/creates a virtual interactive outdoor environment for your pet(s) inside your own home, and in limited space.


Click here to view full sizeThe Design.

Each customized unit comprises the following advanced integrated components:

  • Visual simulation systems (sight – static and dynamic)
  • Auditory simulation systems (sound)
  • Position-in-space (proprioceptive) simulation systems
  • Olfactory stimulation systems (smell)
  • Gustatory stimulation systems (taste)
  • Tactile stimulation systems (touch)
  • Exercise and physiologic monitoring systems with telemetric capability
  • Variable environmental and climate-control systems.
  • Automated convenience systems
  • Enhanced design for optimal pet to pet and pet to human interaction.

High-tech integrated design of these components creates a virtual interactive outdoor environment for your pet(s) indoors. Pet and owner will never be happier. Proprietary details of this interactive environment will be disclosed upon acceptance of each individual application.

While the recommended installation is a prefabricated “room within a room”, some applications allow the client to design their choice into a specific designated room(s).

While current designs focus predominately on dogs and cats, future designs may include various small mammalian, avian, reptilian, and other applications.



Click here to view full sizeFurther Elaboration: Scenarios, Infrastructures, & Networks

Scenarios: In the comfort of your own home, take your pet for a walk in your favorite park, or in the woods on a beautiful autumn day (any day of the year), or on the beach in summer, or through the fields in springtime, or even take a balloon ride. See, hear, and smell the delights of these and other such “scenarios”. If you don’t believe it, think again – this is 2005 and our integrated design with incorporated audio-visual virtual reality scenarios will totally impress you!

Does your pet enjoy retrieving? Initiate this scenario and a stick is thrown into the distance. Once prompted by the integrated audio-visual component, your pet runs then swims to the object (via the treadmill & moving pool components), retrieves it, then swims and runs back to you to receive your praise, affection and reward.

Several other such “scenarios” are in development.

Infrastructures (the Present): Our technology allows and is supported by several independent capabilities and infrastructures. These include remote (off-site) real-time interactive capability of pets with their pet friends, other pets, virtual pets, trainers, vets, breeders, & other personal and professional contacts, as well as owners with their pet(s). From your laptop while you are away from home, you can play with your pet located inside your Pet-Haven. Similarly, your pet’s veterinarians can be remotely consulted. Have your pet’s exercise program physiologically monitored by experts, remotely. These and other capabilities and supportive infrastructures make your Pet-Haven truly unique.

Networks (the Possible Future): Once tied in to such infrastructures, several related networks can emerge that could conceivably afford the client the option and opportunity to become a part of each respective network. While totally protecting the pet’s and client’s privacy, this may include the option to be part of a local, regional, national &/or worldwide network of high-tech Pet-Havens, once / if such a network emerges.



The Design Team.

Click here to view full sizeEach customized Pet-Haven is produced by our design team in conjunction with the pet(s) (via pet profiling), pet owner(s), and personal care veterinarian(s). Our design team consists of nationally recognized leaders and specialists in species-specific veterinary behavioral medicine, design engineers and architects, hardware and software engineers, interior & exterior design specialists, and specialists in each of the above component systems.

If requested, our team of experts will come and assist you to determine what configuration is best for your customized design in your designated space.

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Possible Additional Benefits

Your Elite Pet-Haven may simultaneously serve the following (dual-use) functions:

  • Remote (off-site) real-time interactive capability with owners, other pets, virtual pets, trainers, vets, breeders, & other personal and professional contacts, as per above.
  • Multiple virtual gaming applications.
  • Click here to view full sizeProtection against smoke inhalation and fire (Option # 1), unwelcome intruders (Option # 2), & other protective “safe-room” applications.
  • Remote office & virtual boardroom applications -
  • Other (optional – contact us directly).


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Fees and Fee Schedule

Each customized unit ranges from $50,000. - $200,000 USD / unit, and above (depending on component options).

The fee schedule is as follows:

  1. One-third (1/3) due at initial contract signing (ensuring position on waiting list).
  2. One-third (1/3) due at commencement of design & manufacturing.
  3. One third (1/3) due at completion of installation & QA certification.

Click here to view full sizeThe Application Process

Elite Pet-Havens respectfully limits the application process to those genuinely interested in purchasing our product(s). Accordingly, serious inquiries only please.

After submitting an Application Request (email to or US mail to Elite Pet-Havens, Inc., 209 Sailfish Way, Lavallette, N.J. 08735),  you will receive the following:

  1. Initial Pet(s) Questionnaire – name, type, age, size & weight, temperament, interests, likes & dislikes, etc.
  2. Initial Owner(s) Questionnaire – name, contact data, interests, .
    expectations, etc.
  3. Initial Questionnaire of Intended Setting – location, type of dwelling, available space, room specs, initial client choices, etc.

The Initial EPH Questionnaires will be sent to you  via email or US mail.(your choice) and the completed questionnaire should be returned to us via the same media.

Once your completed questionnaire is  received and accepted by Elite Pet-Havens, you will be contacted by three (3) members of the EPH design team to continue the process.


The Complete Process (Choosing Your Customized Design, Etc.)

To be discussed individually upon completion of the above processes.


Installation, Quality Assurance, Training, & Service Contracts

Once designed (and manufactured), your customized Pet-Haven will be installed by a certified MEP (mechanical, electrical, & plumbing) contractor trained by Elite Pet-Havens working in conjunction with your architect &/or contractor. Our quality assurance (QA) team will then thoroughly evaluate each component of your design individually and as an integrated whole to ensure optimum performance and safety. Our QA team will routinely conduct such performance and safety evaluations on your system. In concert with the pet(s), pet owner(s), and pet’s trainer, EPH personnel will then train each pet and pet owner in the use of each customized Pet-Haven. (For those clients also opting for a weekly or monthly service (maintenance) contract, EPH personnel will also oversee the performance of these service providers).


About Elite Pet-Havens

Elite Pet- Havens, Inc. is a For-Profit Delaware closed corporation with offices currently in New York, New Jersey, and Florida (with plans for Paris and San Francisco). Our mission, as stated, is to enhance the life experience of the urban pet and their owners.


The Elite Pet-Havens, Inc. Dilemma

With a very strict privacy policy (due to affluent clientele) and with each Pet-Haven unit being custom designed, Elite Pet-Havens, Inc. does not have (nor intends to have) a prototype for display, or a list of satisfied clients for referrals. The initial clients will assume this risk, and word of mouth may obviate this concern in subsequent clients.

However, please note nearly all of the components of each Pet-Haven are COTS (commercially available off the shelf) products integrated via the designed and manufactured “shell” structure produced by EPH, Inc. This, in conjunction with the EPH proprietary hardware-software interfaces and aforementioned supportive infrastructures, creates your custom designed Pet-Haven.

Also, please note the below endorsements.



To ensure essential entrepreneurial and fiscal credibility, Elite Pet-Havens, Inc. is an E-Mmember of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, PayPal, and VeriSign(forthcoming).

Endorsements from leading associations, universities, etc. are forthcoming. Obviously, with any new product with new integrated technologies, such a process requires several months, or longer.


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Thank you for your interest in Elite Pet Havens


K. Michael Berry, CEO


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